Definitions for "VRA"
Voluntary Restraint Agreement. An arrangement by which an exporting country takes steps --usually by means of export quotas --to restrain exports that could cause economic dislocation in a key trading partner. VRAs are generally undertaken to forestall action by the importing country against imports that may injure or threaten the position of domestic firms. A VRA is less contractual in nature than an orderly marketing agreement, but with similar economic effects. Under a VRA the importing country does not apply restrictions to enforce the agreement (as under an OMA), nor is compensation involved as may be the case if the importer unilaterally raises tariffs. VRAs are not covered by GA n rules (see grey-area measures).
voluntary restraint agreement. a country's self-imposed government restriction on exports to a particular country.
Voluntary restraint agreement in relation to Japanese manufacturers exporting to the United States (no longer in effect).
Voltametrí a de Redisolució n Anó dica
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Vehicle Refueling Appliance. Small onsite CNG refueling appliance, usually slow-fill.
visual reinforcement audiometry. A sound field audiometric technique used to evaluate the hearing of a young child. When the child localized the presented signal she/he is reinforced with a blinking light.
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Ventura Racing Association.
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Veterans' Readjustment Act