Definitions for "Vows"
Promises made in the sight of God.
knightly promise to accomplish some feat, usually a military feat in meeting a number of challengers, conducting jousts, or campaigning against an enemy. The vow became an important element of the knightly gesture, such as when Ulrich von Liechtenstein conducted the Venufahrt or when knights vowed to accomplish deeds of chivalry against the French at the Vow of the Heron.
The vows of Theravadin Buddhist practitioners, whether lay or monastic, are taken according to the rules of the VINAYA or disciplinary code. These vows (known as Pratimoksha vows in Skt.) are taken by Tibetan Buddhist practitioners, but Tibetans also take two further sets of vows. These are Bodhicitta vows, which centre around the arousing and keeping of BODHICITTA (q.v.), and Tantric vows, which are associated with VAJRAYANA practice.