Definitions for "Vow"
A solemn promise made to God, or to some deity; an act by which one consecrates or devotes himself, absolutely or conditionally, wholly or in part, for a longer or shorter time, to some act, service, or condition; a devotion of one's possessions; as, a baptismal vow; a vow of poverty.
Specifically, a promise of fidelity; a pledge of love or affection; as, the marriage vow.
To give, consecrate, or dedicate to God, or to some deity, by a solemn promise; to devote; to promise solemnly.
To dream that you are making or listening to vows, foretells complaint will be made against you of unfaithfulness in business, or some love contract. To take the vows of a church, denotes you will bear yourself with unswerving integrity through some difficulty. To break or ignore a vow, foretells disastrous consequences will attend your dealings.
A. Virtual Office Websites ("VOWs") are Internet sites operated by MLS participants through which they conduct online brokerage, enabling them to establish relationships and work with clients and customers in cyberspace in ways similar to how real estate professionals interact with clients and customers in a "brick and mortar" environment. Consumers accessing VOWs can search and view MLS listing data after registering and providing their name and email address. A VOW can be a website or a page on a website.
Virtual Office Web site
a Virtual Office Website, a regional or national clearinghouse of listings that connects buyers to listed homes and does little else, because it can do little else from a distance
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"Vow" was the debut single from Garbage. It was released in Spring 1995 ahead of their debut album Garbage.
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Volunteer Ordnance Works
a new way to create dynamic web pages. Language independant and object oriented. Focused on separating dynamic langage and view language . Exit server pages and make a Vow
a compilation of previously recorded material from Bobby Rivers