Definitions for "Voting"
There are two types of majority: Simple majority - means that to be passed, more than half (50%+) of the total number of voting members present must register a vote in favour. Two-thirds majority - means that to be passed, at least two thirds (66.6%) of the total number of voting members present must register a vote in favour.
The Knesset usually makes decisions by a majority of those participating in a vote, except when a special majority of at least 61 Knesset Members is required. Tie votes are deemed to be a rejection of the matter. There are three voting procedures: 1. Raising of hands or electronic vote. 2. Personal vote (roll call). 3. Secret vote in writing, using a temporary ballot-box.
Also Polling. Function performed by operators who ask each participant to respond verbally or by voting via touch-tone.
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Members of the warez scene are very keen to reach the number one slot of top lists such as Voodoo, Top 60 etc. and will therefore encourage you to vote for their site to improve their position and get the credit they deserve (or not as the case may be!).
The use of combined recognition engine types to produce a better percentage read.
a method of improving recognition through the use of multiple recognition engines, voting on the result voting can be internal or external -- internal voting tends to be preferable as the engines have reference to the internal confidence factors.
a constitutional right that we sometimes do not take seriously in this country
Usually by 'show of hands' whereby each branch only casts the same number of votes as they have delegates present on the conference floor at the time the vote is taken (but see also card vote above).
A laser scanner parameter that takes more than one (low setting) or one more than low (high setting) matching scans from the same label to yield a good read. This is useful when scanning poor quality labels that may cause substitution errors. This is for laser scanning only.
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a choice that is made by voting; "there were only 17 votes in favor of the motion"
a. & n. from Vote, v.