Definitions for "Volunteers"
Any person who, of his/her own free will, provides goods or services to any state department or agency, with no monetary or material compensation. For purposes of clarification, volunteer may include but is not limited to, summer work and county community service programs. If service is required for course work at FSU, the person is considered a student and not a volunteer.
a student group that plans and implements volunteer and community service programs for UTA and the surrounding community
Volunteers are the heart of Gilchrist Elementary, and our exceptional program is implemented by some of Leon County's best volunteer coordinators. Volunteer coordinators match a volunteer need with the right person, and there is definitely a volunteer job to meet the time and talents of every volunteer. It is mandatory that volunteers complete a volunteer application form (available in the front office) and wear a color-coded name tag each time they volunteer on school grounds. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact one of our volunteer coordinators.
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The Volunteers is a 1985 comedy directed by Nicholas Meyer.
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a program adopted by IHRA that aims to thank people who give up their valuable time to help IHRA
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a study of how Americans view poverty and the very human story of the cost of poverty
a higher degree of reliable information resulting in better outcomes for children
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a top priority
a person who offers services or assistance to an organisation without the expectation of payment. There is no intention to create a legal relationship between the volunteer and the organisation.