Definitions for "Voltage multiplier"
It is a rectifier circuit which uses diodes and capacitors inorder to produce a DC output voltage, being the multiple of the peak value of AC input voltage. This process is cost effective. Example : Voltage doublers and voltage triplers.
an electrical circuit that converts dc electrical power from a low voltage to a higher
A type of rectifier circuit that is arranged so as to charge a capacitor or capacitors on one half-cycle of the ac input voltage waveform, and then to connect these capacitors in series with the rectified line or other charged capacitors on the alternated half-cycle. The voltage doubler and tripler are commonly used forms of the voltage multiplier.
a great way to create a high voltage DC power supply
an attractive high-voltage, low-current supply, as required for cathode-ray tubes and photomultipliers
a set of components designed to increase the voltage for a particular application.