Definitions for "Voltage"
The force that causes an electric current to flow through a circuit. It is measured in volts. The greater the voltage, the greater the flow of electrical current.
A measurement of electricity. This measurement describes how fast the electrons are moving, and how likely the electricity is to overcome resistance.
Electrical potential difference. The unit of measure is the Volt.
For Automotive lamps, voltage at which the lamp is designed to provide the amperes, candlepower, and laboratory life characteristics. For Projection lamps, the voltage shown is the design voltage of the lamp, on which the life and wattage ratings are based. Lamps for which 115-120 is shown in the Volts column are designed at 118 volts. Lamps are available only in the design voltage(s) shown. When ordering lamps listed for more than one voltage, be sure to specify the voltage required. (Supply voltage variation can significantly affect lamp life.)
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DC voltage applied to the battery to maintain its charge level. This voltage depends on the type of battery, the number of cells, and the manufacturer's recommendations.
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The age at which one is allowed to vote.