Definitions for "volatility"
A term that refers to the uncertainty or risk change in an underlying securitys...
A measure of the uncertainty of the price of an asset.
The volatility of a stock describes the extent of ... Add a comment
Quality or state of being volatile; disposition to evaporate; changeableness; fickleness.
A measure of how quickly a substance forms a vapor at ordinary temperatures. Chemicals with higher vapor pressures and lower boiling points will have higher volatilities and will evaporate quicker.
the tendency of a liquid to assume the gaseous state.
the trait of being unpredictably irresolute; "the volatility of the market drove many investors away"
spoilage of grapes or wine resulting in a vinegary taste due to high levels of acetic acid and/or acetate
propensity for variability. A market or share is volatile when it records rapid variations. Financial Term
A metric of variability in a stochastic process.
variation margin volatile
Warpage Water Absorption Weathering
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Term used to express the range of possible results in a particular Index bet.
Calculate the exponential moving average of the difference between the daily high and low, let's call this 'range'. Volatility = range now minus range n days ago / range n day's ago..
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The ratio of size versus frequency of jackpots in a slot game.
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being easily excited
The potential of positional equity to change. High volatility means that the equity could change substantially after the player's or the opponent's next roll. Volatility is a consideration in doubling decisions.
the estimated probability that a requirement will change before the current version of the application will be delivered.
The extent and frequency of changes in an investment's value.
Ability of a substance to volatilise or assume a gaseous state.
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the potential for a solid or liquid to become a gas.