Definitions for "Volatiles"
Keywords:  vapor, formulation, cure, driven, resin
Carbon compounds, frozen gases and other materials that when heated vaporize.
Refers to vaporous materials leaving a laminate that is being cured. These include solvents, absorbed, water, and products of the cure reaction.
Substances that are readily vaporized.
Keywords:  evaporate, cosub, subo, hsub, gaseous
Fluids which evaporate rapidly.
Elements or compounds such as Hsub2/subO and COsub2/sub that evaporate easily and can exist in gaseous forms at the Earth's surface.
Particles that evaporate at temperatures less than about 100°C.
Keywords:  spb, odors, insect, tree, affect
tree-produced or insect-produced odors that affect SPB behavior.
Low molecular weight silicone materials that can become airborne. Found in certain silicone polymers.