Definitions for "Voice over IP"
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(VoIP) - The practice of using an Internet connection to pass voice data using IP instead of using the standard public switched telephone network. This allows a remote worker, for instance, to function as if directly connected to a PBX even while at home or in a remote office. In bypassing the public network, it also avoids standard long distance charges, as the only connection is through an ISP. VoIP is being used more and more to keep corporate telephone costs down. WAP(Wireless Application Protocol) A protocol that defines delivery and access of information to WAP-enabled wireless devices.
Telephone calls are supported using the same technology as is used on the internet for carrying data. Data and voice traffic can share the same media.
VoIP works through sending voice information in digital form in packets, rather than in the traditional circuit-committed protocols of the public switched telephone network.
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Voice encapsulated in TCP/IP.
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