Definitions for "VMI"
Vendor Managed Inventory. A customer service strategy used by suppliers to manage their customers inventory and reorder points to lower cost and improve service.
vendor managed inventory. The management of stocks on behalf of a customer by the supplier, the supplier taking responsibility for the management of stocks within a framework that is mutually agreed by both parties. Examples are seen in separate supermarket racks maintained and stocked by merchandising groups for such items as spices, and car parts distributors topping up the shelves of dealers/garages, where the management of the stocks, racking and shelves is carried out by the merchandising group or distributor.
Vendor Managed Inventory - a supply management system in which the manufacturer is responsible for maintaining the customer's inventory levels. In a typical VMI arrangement, the manufacturer has access to the customer's inventory data (often through telemetry) and is usually responsible for generating and fulfilling purchase orders to maintain the proper inventory level.
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Vegetation Monitoring Instrument
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Identifies disc side and content type.