Definitions for "Vitamin B12 Requirement"
Our Question about vegetarian, vegan or raw-food-vegan diet"...In addition, people consuming the vegan and vegetarian diets were in general also not getting adequate amounts of the essential amino acid methionine, due to the lower methionine content in plant proteins versus animal proteins..."
Our Question about vitamin C supplementation"Megadoses of vitamin C and/or copper can cause B12 deficiency..."
Our Question about numb/tingling/burning extremities"If vitamin B12 deficiency becomes pronounced, the nervous system can be affected, causing progressive peripheral neuropathy (tingling of the fingers and toes), muscle weakness, staggering, tenderness in the calves, confusion..."
The Condition"...This is frequently caused by an immune system problem where antibodies attack the stomach lining and damage the cells that produce intrinsic factor..."
The Condition"...A test for low stomach acid ( achlorhydria) is an important part of the investigation, and a blood test that shows the typical changes in the red blood cells is also essential..."