Definitions for "visit to the museum"
Keywords:  glimpse
a glimpse into the past
Keywords:  equestrian, enthusiast
a must for any equestrian enthusiast
Keywords:  trip, textile, dream, saw, labourers
a great way to prepare for a trip to Italy, or just to dream about what you saw when you were there last
a trip back in time to the life of the former textile labourers
a trip back in time, to when America traveled mostly by rail
a great way for teachers to find stimulation for lessons, add a new twist to a project or encourage pupils to try something completely new
an educational and enjoyable experience
an experience that gives school pupils a profound insight into the past, and which can stimulate a whole range of issues about past and present health care regimes
a multi-sensory voyage into the past, from the moanful growl of the motors, to the smell of the electric arc, to the feel of rattan seats and varnished hardwood detailing
a self-guided tour through a symbolic and physical landscape, a roller-coaster ride from the depths of the communist system to its absurd heights
Keywords:  reminder, colonial, harsh
a harsh reminder of our colonial past
a visit through the centuries of mankind and what he has left behind of himself
Keywords:  lovers, history, art
a must for lovers of art and history
Keywords:  learn, rock, way, interesting
an interesting way to learn all about the Rock