Definitions for "Vision"
Goal: To develop a native BeOS IRC client that is feature filled, fast, lightweight, and--most importantly--stable.
To see in a vision; to dream.
an inspiring 'picture' of where the company or organisation wants to be in the future.
The act of seeing external objects; actual sight.
The faculty of seeing; sight; one of the five senses, by which colors and the physical qualities of external objects are appreciated as a result of the stimulating action of light on the sensitive retina, an expansion of the optic nerve.
That which is seen; an object of sight.
Vision is a term encompassing ordinary "single vision," mere optical reality in sequential time, and higher forms that perceive things prophetically, metaphorically, imaginatively, and eternally.
A supernatural manifestation that is perceived by the eyes or in the imagination or in the intellect. Ascetical writers counsel that visions should not be sought after because of the possibility of deception. They may be counterfeited by the Devil or be the result of a psychosis or hysteria.
A prophetic or mental image which is received, typically while in an altered state of consciousness.
Alpha Kappa Psi is recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders
a clear soft contact designed for daily wear use
a global in research, development and manufacturing of ophthalmic products and services, contact lenses, lens care products ophthalmic surgical products
A statement at the head of a strategic planning document that visualises where the organisation will be in the longterm.
A dreamlike inspirational experience or scenario viewed in one's mind. Sometimes happens under the influence of psychedelic drugs. "I had a vision of you flying over the desert."
In coaching, a vision refers to a client’s visual perception of how they would like their life to be in a specific area. Visions are characterized by strong feelings, inspiration, emotion and elicit passion and excitement from the client at the prospect of creating that vision.
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A spirit of light (including totems, the divine, seelie fey, and some nature spirits) which has not manifested itself in the real world, but is visible (and aware of) it by extending its senses. Visions appear to be patterns of bright, monochromatic light similar in shape to their physical forms (compare this to Shadows). While still in the spirit world, visions less affected by and less able to affect the physical world, making them virtually invincible but also weak in comparison to their true forms. Most visions rely on magical weapons or spells to interact with the world of men. Their powers are affected by the boundaries of the spirit realms with this one, and weaken in places or times of darkness and chaos. Divine visions are often referred to as Visitations.
a Divine message expressed in pictorial form
a binding force, which binds all the people of a nation to strive for a common goal
a record of this, and an articulation of his new philosophical and aesthetic ideas
a set of ideas, based on certain values, that requires leadership skills to develop, to win support, and to implement
a way of articulating what we intend Argonne to be
the sense that detects objects by the light reflected from them into the eyes. (155)
The sense that detects light. Most animals can detect the difference between light and dark. Animals with more advanced eyes and brains can see images of the world around them.
(Vision Sensing) Electronic imaging applied in manufacturing settings for the purpose of control, whether it is process control, machine tool control, robot control or quality control. Vision sensing is used to improve production processes and quality.
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a reunion in itself
a Christian, non-denominational support and fellowship group for single adults, whether never married, divorced or widowed
an unattainable target, a star we will never reach but gives us the guidance of where to go
a target that beckons
Hence, something unreal or imaginary; a creation of fancy.
a moment of extreme clarity or understanding when 'in a flash' we know or experience something in its entirety
an imaginary situation or event that you feel deeply drawn to render into reality
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A demonstration database schema provided with Oracle Applications Release 11.
Vision is a solo album released in 1994 by Frank Duval.
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Vision is the leading IRC client for Be OS, and the only one currently maintained. It is also the only one not known to suffer from a well-known buffer overrun in relation to the Net Positive web browser. It is among the initial batch of networking applications to run on Haiku.
where we see ourselves in the long run, takes shape as an outcome of strategic planning
Awareness of the potential for improving outcomes through the use of ICT
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a lot of wispy floss, floating in the ether, until it is converted to a plan
a plan of action
a plan with a purpose
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a forty-sixth part of Prophecy
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Basic Guide to ASL ASL Browser
a guiding image of success formed in terms of a contribution to society
an overall image or concept for a production that helps guide the choices made by the other artists working on the show
an antithetical reading of the larger System and can almost be seen as a perverse reading of the material offered by the Automatic Script and System behind it
a flexible, scalable, high performance, open architecture, real-time, SCADA system
a better world for women where every woman is empowered and every woman is a resource
an actual experience in the phenomenal world
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Optics and electronics for controlling the position and orientation of chips, leadframe fingers, gold wires, etc. Also used for quality control.
a detailed description of what you see if things turned out just right
a tricky thing
a destination, but one which defines a journey, not a fixed point on a conceptual map
a watershed where ecological integrity is the foundation for environmental, cultural, social and economic decision making
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is the ideal to which the charity is working.
an ideal that provides meaning and direction for learning but it is dynamic as well
a blueprint of a lifestyle that reflects an individual's unique values and interests
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a state of attainment
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Sprint PCS's wireless service which offers a range of content including games, tones, and graphics.
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an inevitable event/result, based on facts
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Ability of the brain to process information received from the eye.
the ability to see; the faculty of vision
The ability to see and interpret what is seen.
Inclusion of some form of camera on an automatic component insertion or placement machine, to enable high accuracy of component positioning.
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To be a leading advocate for working women.
The user's or customer's view of the product to be developed, specified at the level of key stakeholder needs and features of the system.
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a great tool to help keep your motivation levels high
a product of creative interchange among two or more people
a long line of possibility radiating outward
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a road map of where a country, state and locality should head
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an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V
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a whole set of elements that include who you are, how you live, what you do, how you think, and so much more