Definitions for "VIRTUAL SERVER"
because it does not take up very much computational power to serve a small or medium sized web site, one computer can handle many such sites at a time. Originally though, it was only possible to run one web site per computer; a very expensive proposition. However, software was developed that allowed one computer to serve multiple web sites. Thus, each site runs under its own virtual server, which is essentially just a separate program running on the computer. In this way, many more people can be served by a much smaller number of computers.
Presents a single address that represents an application server farm to clients.
A hosting account wherein several websites are hosted on the same server.
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a back end and some back end variables
a backend and some backend variables
a cost efficient way to start in LearningSpace
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a group of real fax gateways that can handle outbound fax calls
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an app itself, a highly-specialised one
Virtual Telecommunications Access Method virus
a program that resides on a computer that you do not necessarily have physical access to
a service configured to listen on a specific virtual IP
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an HTTP service running on a specific port, e
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This term refers to many systems that are based on one hardware only.