Definitions for "Virtual Hosting"
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The capability of a Web server that allows it to appear as more than one host to the Internet.
Our virtual hosting technology allows you to house multiple domains on your server. You can create separate directories and map separate domain names (virtual hosts) to each directory. You can also set up separate log files, CGI-BIN directories, user names, passwords, POP accounts, and much more for each of your virtual hosts. You can take advantage of this technology by selling space to smaller virtual hosts, in effect becoming your own Virtual ISP, with total control of your virtual server's configuration files, Web server, mail server, FTP server, CGI-BIN, and Telnet access. The charge for a virtual host is a one-time $20 DNS setup fee. Contact IWD sales to add virtual hosts to your Freedom account.
A way of hosting multiple Web sites, for a single, or multiple, customers, on a single piece of server hardware. Generally, shared hosting is implemented using virtual hosting techniques.
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