Definitions for "Virtual"
Being in essence or effect, not in fact; as, the virtual presence of a man in his agent or substitute.
A directory on a network or in a Web site that acts like a Server (virtual server). 2.) A portion of disk space used by operating programs like Windows to serve as a memory space. 3.) An Operating System's mimicking of a real or physical piece of hardware.
a word used to describe a scenario where electronic means are used to simulate a traditional (physical) way of doing things, as in: Virtual team: where members of a team may be based in variety of locations, in one or several organisations, rarely meeting but working collaboratively using electronic networks Virtual office: takes the virtual team a stage further, so that the office does not exist in any particular location, but rather exists in the network.
We apply the adjective "virtual" to many entities to indicate a logical or computerized representation of the entity, such as virtual shopping cart.
Adjective to describe a function in an object-oriented environment. A virtual function may be overridden by derived classes. See also pure virtual.
As of a function. May be overridden by derived classes. See also pure virtual.
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ASL Browser
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An unoccupied orbital.
Having the power of acting or of invisible efficacy without the agency of the material or sensible part; potential; energizing.
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Something which is a representation rather than the real thing. In advertising, the word "virtually" means "almost."
Consisting of bits and bytes instead of atoms and molecules; electronic as opposed to "real." This distinction is somewhat spurious since electronic information and interaction are still "real," even though they have a different material basis or occur in a different medium.
Not real, but with Virtual PBX, only in terms of equipment investment. The business exchange service is very real, an absolute.
(property allocation) A property that is computed when requested, rather than being stored anywhere. These are often functions of other properties, such as the area property of a geometric part. (The area of a transistor part may be a different matter, as that is probably a parameter.)
A computer-generated environment.
Word used to describe the activities and places that are conducted and replicated on the Internet. Virtual environments are often rendered, rather than photographed and give the illusion of three dimensions (3-D).
Book An imitation of a standard paper-based book on screen.
With regard to memory, virtual refers to temporarily storing information on the hard drive. Virtual memory is controlled automatically by the operating system.
host A shared hosting solution, the most basic of hosting types. Numerous Web sites are shared on one server.
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