Definitions for "viral marketing"
A marketing tactic relying upon some aspect of the system to cause the promotion...
1) any advertising that propagates itself; 2) advertising and/or marketing techniques that "spread" like a virus by getting passed on from consumer to consumer and market to market.
The concept of embedding advertising into web portals and pop ups, and as e-mail attachments to spread the word about products or services that the target audience may not otherwise have been interested in.
A means of rapid dissemination of news about a service or product, brought about by attracting visitors to a site with some free offer and getting the vistor to recommend other vistors to come to the site
Consciously developing components of a Web strategy to create or enhance consumer word-of-mouth.
Online consumer-to-consumer communication that supports a particular offering.
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A new form of getting your business widely known via email, in which a newsletter or other informative email is forwarded around from person to person because they find it interesting.
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