Definitions for "Vipashyana"
Tib. lakthong] superior seeing, higher insight. "wider seeing", usually referring to insight into emptiness; seeing something extra, the emptiness, that is not seen otherwise.
or vipasyana, vipassana (guan): Meditative technique used to develop wisdom. Also referred to as insight meditation. The technique leads to the direct personal apprehension and verification of the truth of the Buddha's teachings and thus entry into the supermundane paths to nirvana. See "bhavana."
(Skt.): Seeing beyond, superior or excellent seeing, insight. 1. Meditative technique which identifies and analyses the patterns of the MIND and the world it projects. 2. The resultant WISDOM or perfect knowledge, which thoroughly and clearly discriminates phenomena.
Keywords:  lha, tong, see
see Lha tong.