Definitions for "Viognier"
Keywords:  condrieu, yay, vee, rhone, peach
(Vee-ohn-yay) - Long a seldom-seen grape used only in the rather rare French Condrieu and Chateau-Grillet, this white grape is gaining considerable attention as a varietal in California and, now, Southern France. It makes a light, lean wine with a very characteristic floral scent, not meant for aging but best consumed early.
Semi-classic grape varietal grown in the northern Rhone region of France. Has full, spicy flavors somewhat reminiscent of the Muscat grape and violets. New plantings in California have created much anticipation among that States wine community. Viognier can vary from almost Riesling-like character to almost Chardonnay character, depending on production method.
a fabulous wine grown largely in the Rhone valley