Definitions for "Viewfinder"
Keywords:  lcd, camcorder, slr, reflex, finder
A small video monitor on a camera that displays the picture the camera generates.
The viewing screen in an SLR on which composition takes place; viewfinders may also contain various guides to exposure, focus, and flash-readiness. In all senses, the control panel from work is done.
A small window on a camera through which the scene is viewed.
a must when most of the pictures are to be taken outdoors
Viewfinder by Raymond Carver is one of the short stories in the "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love" compilation. It is told in the first person perspective of a man who is visited by an elderly man with hook hands. The man comes to his house to try and sell him a picture of the narrator's house.
a great help especially when sketching and painting in the landscape