Definitions for "Video Switcher"
Sequentially displays full screen images, one camera after another typically at 3 to 5 seconds intervals. While the image source from one camera is displayed on screen the other camera sources are not being recorded. VLAN - Webcam - Generally, a digital camera designed to take digital photographs and transmit them over the internet. Most webcams require additional PC software to operate. Traditionally, these inexpensive lower-end cameras are for home use only. Businesses considering a webcam presence should opt for a more robust and reliable network camera option such as ORCA.
A device to enable different cameras to be selected to a monitor. The switching is normally arranged to take place during the blanking period of the video signal to prevent a picture bouncing when a new one is selected.
a device that accepts video signals and uses a frame synchronizer to allow for cuts and dissolves between the sources
a great addition to your video editing suite
a great product for people who own a television that has at least one composite or S-Video input, but want to connect more than one device to it