Definitions for "VIDEO CAMERA"
A camera which contains an electronic image sensor rather than photographic film. The lens focuses an image on an electronic tube or CCD chip. A camera has electronic circuitry which generates color and sync pulses. Most portable consumer camcorders are equipped with a full complement of audio circuitry, e.g., microphone, audio amplifier and additional audio electronics. In order to obtain better quality images, a professional camera has three tubes or a triple CCD system, one for each primary color. Most professional cameras have a genlock input, which allows the camera to be synchronized to an external source. Some cameras also include basic character generators for titling purposes.
portable or hand-held cameras which record on videocassettes for playback on a television set
An analog or digital Camcorder.
a permanent record of events, accessible to the police with a proper search warrant
a way of monitoring what goes on in the store and of making a record of attempted shoplifting
An audiovisual recording device thrust into the hands of the public so that future social historians might develop migraines looking at our school plays, pet tricks, weddings and christenings.
a must, we have our holiday on video including meeting Charlie the crocodile
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a very expensive scarecrow, while a beat cop is, at best, an attentive farmer
a good first birthday party idea , but ask for a volunteer to tape, because you want to be in on every precious moment of your baby's first birthday party celebration
an excellent way to capture behaviors and vocalizations on tape
This application allows you to capture and playback moving images through your mobile phone.
a multimedia peripheral, and so is the flight yoke that you plug into your PC or game console to make a flight simulator more realistic
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a short leap
a great way to share your experiences with friends and family at home
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a light meter
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a very good tool
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a must in this country