Definitions for "Vicar"
One deputed or authorized to perform the functions of another; a substitute in office; a deputy.
The incumbent of an appropriated benefice.
The title of the senior priest in a mission congregation (financially subsidized or without enough membership to provide the resources needed to function independently).
a seminary student who spends a year in a congregation learning
vicar is a third year seminary student who serves as an intern under an experienced pastor in the field for one year as part of his seminary training for the pastoral ministry. After the vicar year the student returns to the seminary campus for his final year of instruction.
To dream of a vicar, foretells that you will do foolish things while furious with jealousy and envy. For a young woman to dream she marries a vicar, foretells that she will fail to awake reciprocal affection in the man she desires, and will live a spinster, or marry to keep from being one.
Vicar, a pseudonym for Victor Arriagada Rios (born in Santiago, Chile April 16, 1934), is a Disney comics artist. While studying art and theatre, Vicar started his illustrating career with political caricature drawings. Vicar moved to Spain in 1960, doing various illustrating works, and entered the comics field in 1966.
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VICAR is a general purpose image processing software system that has been developed since 1966 to digitally process multi-dimensional imaging data
Video Image Communication and Retrieval