Definitions for "Vespers"
The evening song or service.
the evening service of the Orthodox Catholic Church, which includes the singing and reading of psalms, hymns, stichera, and troparia, as well as litanies and various prayers (see also All-Night Vigil)
the evening servive of the Office, usually performed at twilight or when lamps are lit indoors. The service consists of two different parts. The first part is composed of the psalmody, or the singing of psalms, canticles, and responsories. The second part of the service consists of the formulae and the capitulum. The end of the service consists of prayers and the benediction. Five psalms are sung each service. There is a choice of psalms to choose from, but during special religious periods, for example Christmas, certain psalms must be sung and read. Vespers probably originated in the fourth century. [SJK
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Vespers is an interactive fiction game written in 2005 by Jason Devlin that placed first at the 2005 Interactive Fiction Competition. It also won the XYZZY Awards for Best Game, Best NPCs, Best Setting, and Best Writing.
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One of the little hours of the Breviary.