Definitions for "Vesicles"
The tiny sacs in the presynaptic neuron that contain neurotransmitters.
small, spherically shaped sacs that bud from the ends of a Golgi apparatus.
Small membrane-bound spheres containing active molecules, for example neurotransmitters. Contents can be released after moving to edge of membrane. May contain other substances when part of transport system. Can move around the cell.
A small cavity in a volcanic rock that was formed by the expansion of escaping gas bubbles.
Swollen lipid filled bodies produced in plant root cells by most, but not all endomycorrhizas. Used for storage.
Small "bubbles" of lipid within a cell, used for the transport of materials within the cell and between the cell membrane and the outside environment.
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A hollow sphere with the shell made up of a surfactant bilayer. Cells are examples of vesicles.
A vesicle is a well demarcated elevation of the superficial layers of the skin less than 1 cm in diameter. The skin elevation is due to accumulation of intercellular fluid beneath the roof of the vesicle. The fluid is usually serum or an inflammatory exudate. Vesicles as seen in viral diseases, irritant contact dermatitis and autoimmune disorders are often superficial; therefore the vesicles are often transient, with crusting and erosions common.
Small blisters filled with liquid that contains virus particles.
Blisters on the skin.