Definitions for "Verifier"
Keywords:  quiet, bar, symbology, optical, symbol
a piece of equipment that checks the quality and readability of printed bar code symbols
a scientific device, taking precise measurements of each individual bar and space and the amount of light reflected from each
A device used to measure the bars and spaces of a bar code and report on their accuracy in relation to the specified tolerances.
Keywords:  sfv, verifyxml, checksum, native, hash
Verifier is a file verification utility that supports the major file checksum formats such as SFV and MD5 sums. It also has native support for the new VerifyXML format, as well as a built-in interactive hash and checksum calculator.
a probabilistic polynomial time probabilistic Turing Machine M given access to the input x, random bits y, and a proof Pi
someone who vouches for another or for the correctness of a statement
An independent auditor of our sustainability report, used to ensure the statements we make are correct
Keywords:  evidence, entity
an entity that verifies an evidence
Keywords:  one
One who, or that which, verifies.