Definitions for "Venturi"
A fitting or device that consists of a tube constricted in the middle and flared on both ends. A fluid's velocity will increase and a fluid's pressure will decrease while pass- ing through the constriction. Placing a tube or pipe at the constriction point creates a vacuum. Fluid or air can then be drawn in through the tube. The system is named after Italian scientist Venturi and is the basic principle of a Weber carburetor.
A narrow tunnel under the side pod, shaped like an inverted wing. As air enters and is forced through the narrow center,its speed increases, creating a low pressure area between the bottom of the car and the track. This creates a suction effect, which holds the car to the track.
A valve which makes bubbles by drawing air into fast flowing water. Especially useful in protein skimmers.
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a means of creating a vacuum line in the return line of a pool or spa, that is used with ozonators, in order to inject ozone into the water stream.
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United States architect (born in 1925)
a flow measuring device that consists of a gradual contraction followed by a gradual expansion
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