Definitions for "VENTING"
Keywords:  gases, escape, acro, grunge, bioreactor
It is a method used allowing air and moisture to escape to the outside from the wall cavity.
The system by which air escapes from the mold cavity during filling.
A service practice where the refrigerant vapor is allowed to escape into the atmosphere after the refrigerant liquid has been recovered. This practice is no longer acceptable.
Keywords:  exit, combustion, dryer, flue, chimney
The means by which air is exhausted from the dryer through a metal duct.
A system that introduces air for combustion into the combustion chamber and disperses spent fossil fuel or flue products.
An opening for combustion gases to exit the house. Can be a chimney or a vent through the wall of the house. Includes all parts of the venting system - vent connector, chimney, etc.
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Drilling a small hole in the ball to relieve suction on the thumb hole.
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the act of venting