Definitions for "Ventilator"
A contrivance for effecting ventilation; especially, a contrivance or machine for drawing off or expelling foul or stagnant air from any place or apartment, or for introducing that which is fresh and pure.
a machine used to give the patient breaths through their ET or trach tube.
A machine often called a respirator that is designed to assist or takeover breathing for a patient.  The ventilator has many different settings or capabilities also called modes to assist patients in the way that is most effective for them.  Ventilators come equipped with noisy alarms to alert the medical staff to potential problems.
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An automatic mechanical/pneumatic device designed to reduce or provide the work required to move gas into and out of the lungs.
a device (such as a fan) that introduces fresh air or expels foul air
a lovely little device which allows air to flow through portions of the human body formerly occupied by blood
definition: A useful thing to have kicking around the office, or at home – or indeed anywhere – during this summer's heat wave. A Ventilator is a fan. And here at the YG office, we're all big Ventilator fans.
round 'ball' at the top of most lighthouse towers, provides exhaust for heat of lamp and circulation within the tower. (See photo by "Collar")
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a lot like a chimney