Definitions for "Ventilation "
The act of ventilating, or the state of being ventilated; the art or process of replacing foul air by that which is pure, in any inclosed place, as a house, a church, a mine, etc.; free exposure to air.
Air movement into and out of the lungs.
Assistance in breathing by mechanically pumping air / oxygen into the lungs.
A technique for opening a burning building to remove heated smoke and gases to prevent explosive concentrations and to permit advancement of hose lines into effective positions for fire extinguishment.
Ventilated forced airflow to reduce vapour concentration levels
Important Procedure in firefighting in which the Hot smoke and gases are removed from inside a structure, either by natural convection or forced, and either through existing openings or new ones provided by firefighters at appropriate locations (e.g., on the roof). Proper ventilation can save lives and improper ventilation can cause backdraft or other hazards.
A knitting operation that allows fabrics to breath. It is often utilized in pantyhose for cotton crotch panels or cotton soles. (See Aeration.
See General Exhaust, Local Exhaust, and Mechanical Exhaust.
mechanical breathing assistance.
Any method of increasing contact between the respiratory medium and the respiratory surface. ventral venter, belly] Pertaining to the undersurface of an animal that holds its body in a horizontal position; to the front surface of an animal that holds its body erect.
The act of sifting, and bringing out to view or examination; free discussion; public exposure.
free and open discussion of (or debate on) some question of public interest; "such a proposal deserves thorough public discussion"
The act of refrigerating, or cooling; refrigeration; as, ventilation of the blood.
Both the shell and liner are strategically vented to help keep a skater’s feet cool, dry, and comfortable. Many in-line shell designs use a patented ventilation system.
Airflow through a projector's internal components for the purpose of cooling the lamp, or light source. A projector's ventilation is usually found on the rear or side. It's important not to block the projector's ventilation because it may shorten the lamp life and damage the projector.
A term used in the wig industry to describe the process of tying or knotting individual hairs by hand into the cap of a partial or full-coverage unit. The cap may be made of fine silk, monofilament or polyester mesh, thin polyurethane or silicone skin-like material, or a combination of both. Hand-ventilating is a very time-intensive process and requires a steady hand, a sharp eye, and a level of skill which may take years to master. This is the reason that most hand-tied wigs cost more than their machine-made counterparts.
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The act of fanning, or winnowing, for the purpose of separating chaff and dust from the grain.
The act of giving vent or expression.
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