Definitions for "Velour"
Keywords:  velvet, plush, nap, sportswear, knit
A term applied to cut pile cloths in general. Velour is soft, luxurious and widely used.
A term for various fabrics with a velvety or napped surface and a thicker pile than velvet. Used for upholstery, curtains and clothing. The word comes from the French word for "velvet."
a knit or woven fabric with a soft , short thick nap made by brushing and shearing. Knit velours are used in women's tops and sportswear. Wovens are usually heavier in weight and used for coats, jackets, drapery.
Keywords:  terry, textile, sheared, loops, soft
(Sheared) – A textile product with the terry loops sheared off to create a soft finish.
Keywords:  towel, velvety, absorbent, loops, cut
A towel in which the loops have been cut for a velvety but less absorbent surface.
Keywords:  pill, smooth, resistant, finish
A smooth pill-resistant finish.