Definitions for "Veiling reflection"
A reflected image superimposed on a glass window, computer screen, glossy magazine, or other reflective surface. This reflected image partially or totally obscures views through glass, screen text, or printed text by reducing contrast. Also called reflected glare.
Specular reflection superimposed upon diffuse reflection from an object that partially or totally obscures the details to be seen by reducing the contrast. Controlled by distributing the source over a larger area, relocating the source out of the reflected field of view, changing the task surface specular reflectance or tilt, or relocating the observer.
Effective reduction in contrast between task and its background caused by the reflection of light rays; sometimes called "reflected glare." You might have dealt with veiling reflections when you have to tilt a shiny magazine to avoid glare so as to read it, or struggled with reading a computer monitor because of the reflection of a window or a light fixture.