Definitions for "Vector"
a plasmid, virus, or other vehicle for carrying a DNA sequence into the cells of another species; also a method (such as genetically engineered viruses or bacteria) of delivering genetic material to cells.
An insect or any living carrier that transports an infectious agent from an infected individual or its wastes to a susceptible individual or its food or immediate surroundings.
In epidemiology, this refers to an agent, usually insect or animal, able to carry pathogens from one organism to another. In genetics, this is a genetic alement able to incorporate DNA and be replicated in a cell.
A directed quantity, as a straight line, a force, or a velocity. Vectors are said to be equal when their directions are the same and their magnitudes equal. Cf. Scalar.
A datum with more than one component. In physics, velocity has a direction and a magnitude. In computing, often refers to a block of data (as in Vector Processor) which might be pixels.
Any quantity, such as force velocity, or acceleration, which has both magnitude and direction at each point in space, as opposed to scalar which has magnitude only. Such a quantity may be represented geometrically by an arrow of length proportional to its magnitude, pointing in the assigned direction.
Same as Radius vector.
A technology whereby an image is drawn using mathematically calculated control points and smooth lines. This is an analog technology, and there are hypothetically an infinite number of possible image shapes possible. Vector technologies are prone to failure and rumored to represent an increased risk of electromagnetic radiation exposure.
A coordinate based geographic data structure (in contrast to raster)often used to represent linear features.
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An array, a contiguous group of values accessed through a common variable name.
a class that acts like an array that automatically grows to the size you need
a class which allows an array of adjustable size
A heading issued to a pilot to provide navigational guidance by radar. Vectors are assigned verbally by FAA air traffic controllers.
A heading issued to an aircraft by ATC to provide navigational guidance by radar.
A heading given by a controller to a pilot on the basis of radar-derived information to provide navigational guidance. also called: radar vectoring Fr: vecteur
An indexable container class. Elements are accessed using a key that represents their position in the container. Provides fast random access to elements. Addition to the end of a vector is efficient. Insertion into the middle is not efficient.
a contiguous block of memory allocated together and has random access
a fixed-size sequence of Lisp objects, each element may be accessed in constant time--unlike lists where the time taken to access an element is proportional to the position of the element
Vector is a new wave rock band formed in Sacramento, California in the early 1980's by Jimmy Abegg, Steve Griffith and Charlie Peacock. The band had several drummers over the years, including Aaron Smith and Bruce Spencer, both also played drums for The 77s.
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Vector (Simon Utrecht) is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe whose first appearance was in Incredible Hulk (2nd series) #254 as the leader of the villainous group, the U-Foes.
a collection of like elements without dimensions
a group of numbers, having the same amount of items as the space has dimensions
a set of values, commonly denoting a point in a multidimensional space
The Reebok logo: two diagonal stripes going from left-to-right and one going from right-to-left. (In my opinion, the Reebok logo has the appearance of parts of the ASICS logo and parts of the Puma logo. The left-to-right portion looks like it was made with a Puma sneaker and a marking pen.) Also known as the Stripecheck.
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Predecessor to the ArrayList.
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For Indexing Service, an ordered series of words or numbers used in a query. For example, a single document can have (Scott Cooper; Don Hall; Amy Egert) as a vector of coauthors. See also: query
In computerized signmaking, a line segment between two coordinates, on which a knife or tool path can be created for plotting or routing.
a replicon in which another polynucleotide segment is attached, so as to bring about the replication and/or expression of the attached segment
Data segment of an SNA message. A vector consists of a length field, a key that describes the vector type, and vector-specific data.
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an ordered list of numbers (one-dimensional)
a position in three-dimensional space
a single dimensional collection of data of type int, long, short, float or double
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A medium, method, or vehicle for the transmission of memes. Almost any communication medium can be a memetic vector. (GMG)
a list of values, separated by commas, and enclosed by square brackets
a sequence of expressions enclosed by square brackets and separated by spaces
an organism or force of nature that spreads an organism to a new area; a path, or method, of invasion. For example, a major vector in zebra mussel invasion is ballast water; the zebra mussels travel from their native waters into new regions when ballast water collected in their native ranges is discharged into non-native waters.
A pair of or three of floating-point numbers that obeys the laws of vector arithmetic. Compare normal.
a set of related float values
a utility object encapsulating the three floating point components X, Y and Z
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The axis line derived from the altitude or angle of an edge.
a line with an arrow at the end, starting and ending in the center of a hex
This is a form of clean line art (Illustrator, EPS, Flash) that retains it's quality when resized.
an appropriate tool to expedite the laboratory work and time in screening the efficacy of antisense RNA strategies
Vector is a breakfast cereal manufactured by Kellogg's Canada. It is advertised for its more healthy ingredients over other cereal brand, especially in the area of sports. Kellogg's uses the term meal replacement instead of breakfast cereal for this product, but it is still classified as such.
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Vector is the 1999 suspense thriller book written by Robin Cook.
a matrix with one column and may be multiplied by a matrix
an additive-element-with-inverse that can be multiplied from the left and right with other objects (not necessarily of the same type)
an element of a set, given closed operations, such that
a string of either numeric, textual, or logical (True/False) characters of any length
(n.) an ordered list of items in a computer's memory. A simple vector is defined as having a starting address, a length, and a stride. An indirect address vector is defined as having a relative base address and a vector of values to be applied as indices to the base.
a codeword if and only if its syndrome is zero
an ordered set of objects indexed from zero
A list of steps that process calls in a user-defined manner. The steps in a vector can send calls to splits, play announcements and music, disconnect calls, give calls a busy signal, or route calls to other destinations. (See also VDN.)
A vector in computing, specifically when talking about malicious code such as viruses or worms, is the method that this code uses to propagate itself or infect the computer and this sense is similar to, and derived from, its meaning in Biology.
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Visiting Scholars
a kind of list
a kind of signature/avatar, where only round, squared, triangled or something like it is used
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a set of numbers, arranged in order
a set of real number (m-tuple) arranged in a column
This is another kind of pointer. It refers to the starting address of a routine. The computer needs to know where to look for things, and the vectors help it along the way. Usually a vector references the starting address of a machine language subroutine.
a concept in physics that can be used to represent a set of attributes
a generic enough concept that is does not need to be part of the Processing applet class itself
a seperation between an ordered pair of events, No it isn't
a container of references to other objects
an object that has non-negative consecutive integers as the keys of its fields
a three-part object that usually contains information relating to the position or orientation of a model or other object
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an abstract kind of notion (that's an easy way of saying I don't know what it is) but very practical
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See parasite
a built-in Java data type, and it supports most of the operations that any programmer could ever want to do to a list of data, in a fairly efficient way
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a programming device that holds a few objects of a certain type, and it can shrink and grow
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See: transition vector
Location in memory. An entry point into the operating system used for making system calls or interrupt handling.
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a List (java
a list of numbers
a natural generalization of a 'variable'
an ordered collection of variable size
an object defined in a library called the Standard Template Library
a series of statements that you design to tell the system how to handle incoming calls
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A 16x16 pixel block from a video frame.
a list with limited capacity that can be increased (doubled by default)
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a good example because it involves all of the blocks in the chip
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a data set that records the changing values of a statistic over time
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a named series of values in memory
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a month, two-month period, or window of months when an event is likely to occur
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a related group of three components
a data structure with a fixed number of components, each of which you can quickly access by number
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a container that can hold any type
Keywords:  collection, items, type, data
a collection of data items of the same type
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a set of values where each value is identified by a number (called an index)