Definitions for "VCC"
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Virtual PBX for Virtual Call Center
Virtual Channel Connection - The end-to-end connection between two ATM end users is known as the Virtual Channel Connection. Also defined as a concatenation of virtual channel link. The VCC used is identified using two labels: the Virtual Path Identifier and the Virtual Channel Identifier.
Virtual Control Centre. An abstract representation of a real control centre which describes a set of behaviour with regards to communication and data management functionality and limitations.
Veicolo Corazzato da Combattimento
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Voorhees Computing Center
Cathode-Cathode Voltage
Operational Supply Voltage
A name for a power net, meaning “voltage collector”.
Vinyl Council of Canada, a trade group representing more than 20 Canadian companies, including vinyl resin and additive producers and processors. The VCC is a council of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association.
Village Credit Committee
Verification Coordinating Committee
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Voice Call Continuity