Definitions for "VCA"
Voltage Controlled Amplifier. A circuit whose gain is determined by a control voltage.
Voltage controlled amplifier. A circuit design that allows remote control of a signal. Typically used in high-end groupings on mixers. A VCA group is one where the group fader sends a signal to the individual channels assigned to it to adjust their levels in the individual channels as compared to sending their signals to the soub-group to control. see subgroup
Acronym: oltage ontrolled mplifier Electronics: component that provides a level of amplification determined by the voltage on a control input, so that changing the voltage changes the amplification.
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viral capid antigen
Viral capsid antigen (EBV)
Vidarbha Cricket Association
Value Chain Analysis. See also Cemron's consulting cervices
Value Chain Analysis. A tool for identifying and quantifying cost reduction opportunities within the supply chain.
Vehicle Certification Agency
Vehicle Certification Authority (responsible for MoT testing etc)