Definitions for "Vatting"
Most whiskeys are blended to a formula consisting of a combination of casks. Casks of whiskey are emptied into a large tank or vessel called a vat, where the whiskey is allowed to marry before being called forward for bottling.
The mixing together of identical whiskeys from a single distillery but from different casks in order to maintain continuity of character for a particular brand of whiskey
The process of mixing or blending components in a vat. Regarding Scotch whisky, the term was formerly most often applied to 'vatted malts,' that is more than one malt vatted together prior to bottling. The term has now been dropped by the Scotch Whisky Association and most distillers in favour of the expression 'blended malt,' which is thought to be less confusing for consumers.
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A phase in the wine-making process, which consists of leaving the solid parts of the grapes (skins, pips) in contact with the juice.