Definitions for "Vat"
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Vinyl Asbestos Tile. Older flooring surface made from a vinyl composite with embedded asbestos. VAT is no longer available. VAT can be recognized because it was generally manufactured in 9 inch square tiles.
Vinyl Asbestos Containing Tile.
Vinyl asbestos tile, contains asbestos fibers; hazardous.
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A large vessel, cistern, or tub, especially one used for holding liquors in an immature state, chemical preparations for dyeing, or for tanning, or for tanning leather, or the like.
A wooden tub for washing ores and mineral substances in.
A vessel for holding holy water.
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Wat, or pagoda
To see a vat in your dreams, foretells anguish and suffering from the hands of cruel persons, into which you have unwittingly fallen.
A measure for liquids, and also a dry measure; especially, a liquid measure in Belgium and Holland, corresponding to the hectoliter of the metric system, which contains 22.01 imperial gallons, or 26.4 standard gallons in the United States.
A square, hollow place on the back of a calcining furnace, where tin ore is laid to dry.
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Value-Added Treat
Valued Added Tax
a tax levied on the difference between a commodity's price before taxes and its cost of production
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viewable area VRML
Video Assisted Thoracoscopy
Vibration Assisted Tunnelling.
Veterinary Aptitude Test, required of applicants to most U.S. veterinary schools.
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Visual Audio Tool, a widely-used Mbone audio tool.
Internet Audio Tool
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Vice President (vp) VPN
The dosha responsible for all movements in the body
See picture ] removable wooden case enclosing millstones.
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The pit used for steaming or cooking logs.
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value attribute table. Value attribute table. A table containing attributes for a grid. In addition to user-defined attributes, the VAT contains the values assigned to cells in the grid and a count of the cells with those values.
Virtual Allocation Table
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Variable Auto Transformer
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Sums insured must include VAT at the current rate.
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To put or transfer into a vat.