Definitions for "Varnishing"
A finishing step in which a clear varnish is applied to the surface of a printed sheet in order to create a glossy finish. The varnish is usually applied on the printing press. See also FINISH; FINISHING OPERATIONS; GLOSS; VARNISH
As a final step, negatives and prints are often coated with a shellac- or resin-based liquid that provides a smooth appearance and an extra layer to protect against scratches or other injury. Varnishes dry relatively quickly, producing a hard finish. To help reduce processing time, before exposure photographic papers can be coated on both sides with a plastic material similar to varnish. "Supercoats" were introduced around the late 1960s.
To apply oil, synthetic, spirit, cellulose or water varnish to printed matter by hand or machine to enhance its appearance or increase its durability.
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There are four usual ways of varnishing. (1) Machine which is carried out on the litho machine and puts down a very thin layer of varnish, either overall or in certain areas. (2) UV which can be put down on a litho machine fitted with a UV drier and can either varnish overall or in defined areas. (3) Roller Coat which is an overall process with a UV drier. (4) Silk screen which is carried out on a silk screen machine with a UV drier. With this system it is possible to varnish defined areas with a very thick varnish layer. Always use inks which are recommended for varnishing. It is best to try to leave narrow channels free from UV varnish in the areas to be creased.
all over seal or varnish to seal the ink onto the paper.
To dream of varnishing anything, denotes that you will seek to win distinction by fraudulent means. To see others varnishing, foretells that you are threatened with danger from the endeavor of friends to add to their own possessions.
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Application of varnish to a surface using a brush.
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The act of laying on varnish; also, materials for varnish.