Definitions for "VAR"
Value At Risk. A technique which uses the statistical analysis of historical...
A company that modifies or improves a system in some way and then resells it. A VAR might, for example, integrate a software application with its clients´ other systems or it might buy hardware components and build complete systems. [Go to source
A technique which uses the statistical analysis of historical market trends and volatilities to estimate the likelihood that a given portfolio's losses will exceed a certain amount.
Voltamperes Reactive
Abbreviation for volt-amperes reactive.
Voltage-Ampere-Reactive. A measure of reactive power.
Index Definition: Variable Description: Identifies and displays a variable or program argument. Usually appears in italic.
Vector Auto-Regressive (VAR) models are a generalization of autoregressive models to many stations. Not to be confused with VaR.
Vector Attraction Reduction
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(Punjabi) Epic poem.
Var is a type of Punjabi poem. They were used by many poets including Amir Khusro and Bhai Gurdas.
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vBNS VBScript
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A poetic form; an Aadh Granth arrangement consisting of stanza and preceding shalok.
Visual Aural RangeJim Rutherford
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The /var directory is the mount point of the var filesystem. It contains files that can increase in size, such as log files, and directories that vary from machine to machine, such as tmp, spool, and mail. The /var filesystem also contains administrative directories such as /var/adm and /var/opt, the latter of which is installed by application packages. In some configurations, /var is a directory rather than a separate filesystem.
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Defines a variable 3.0 3.0 STF
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Vár (probably from Old Norse várar : "pledge") is a goddess in Norse Mythology.
Var is a department of southeastern France.
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Varicella Vaccine
container Variable phrase or substitutable
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variance vertical line charting
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Abbreviation for variance.
A logical variable, as in logic programming. Attributes: @type(See: term module)
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A measurement of length of 33 1/3 inches.
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a 'property' of a Class instance
A provider that deals with distribution and sales.
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The var Element