Definitions for "Vap"
See Value Added Process
Value-added process (Novell Netware 2.2 support)
Value-Added Product; Value-Added Processing; Value-Added Procedure
the annotation property names of a vocabulary, contains owl:versionInfo, rdfs:label, rdfs:comment, rdfs:seeAlso, and rdfs:isDefinedBy.
VAP (formerly Video & Audio Production) is a Japanese entertainment company headquartered in Chiyoda Tokyo, Japan.
That which is vapid, insipid, or lifeless; especially, the lifeless part of liquor or wine.
Voting Age Population. The number of people over the age of 18.
Voting Age Population. Persons in an election jurisdiction who are age 18 or older.
ventilator associated pneumonia. Pneumonia that is has been caused by the presence of the ventilator
Volume of air having the same compliance as the suspension of a passive radiator.
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Voluntary Action Plan
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Virtual Access Panel