Definitions for "Vampire"
A blood-sucking ghost; a soul of a dead person superstitiously believed to come from the grave and wander about by night sucking the blood of persons asleep, thus causing their death. This superstition was once prevalent in parts of Eastern Europe, and was especially current in Hungary about the year 1730. The vampire was often said to have the ability to transform itself into the form of a bat, as presented in the novel depicting the legend of Dracula published by Bram Stoker in 1897, which has inspired several movies.
Fig.: One who lives by preying on others; an extortioner; a bloodsucker.
Either one of two or more species of South American blood-sucking bats belonging to the genera Desmodus and Diphylla; also called vampire bat. These bats are destitute of molar teeth, but have strong, sharp cutting incisors with which they make punctured wounds from which they suck the blood of horses, cattle, and other animals, as well as man, chiefly during sleep. They have a cæcal appendage to the stomach, in which the blood with which they gorge themselves is stored.
a cool and erotic horror movie than doesn't go for laughs
a GREAT movie
Vampires are fictional characters found in the Marvel Universe.
7-9% Mana stolen per hit
During the game Enter the Matrix, you enter The Merovingians Chateau to get a special key (Made by the Keymaker) for "The One". It was stolen by Cain and Abel, a vampire-werewolf duo. The Merovingian sends swarms of vampires and werewolves to kill you.
a big, lurid splash of red from Hammer, a permissive reel in yet another direction as the studio tried to find a new voice in the early seventies
a film that has studied every trapping of a decent Hammer film - witness the weird colors - and has bungled every one of them
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an anti-peaceful energy-sucking vermin, while a dovecrafter is someone who uses dove qi energy to heal and create peace
a person who feels the need to extract energy
The Vampire is a turbojet-propelled car that currently holds the outright British land speed record of 300.3 mph.
A vampire, no matter how attractive, symbolizes anxiety and emotional conflicts. You may also be feeling uneasy about a decision or action you took that could be considered unethical or immoral.
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a monster, and so is Dagoth Ur
Go down on a girl during her period and afterward take a picture of your bloody mouth. - JCB, Massachusetts
a very immature being in BVS and that need to show off power but no one left to appreciate must leave them lonely and frustrated
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a spin-off from Twilight Sonata , which fills in the details that I hadn't been able to do in the main story
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an elf with a sock on its head
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old homosexual who swoops down on young boys. (see Chicken Hawk)
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Vampire is a plugin for Google Desktop that indexes your e-mail messages from TheBat! mail client.
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a new take on Quatre
a good woman with a bad reputation, or rather a good woman who has had possibilities and wasted them
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an odd sort of a thing to just think up
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a - a cell deal you can plug in the wall to charge your cell phone
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Description not available.