Definitions for "value-added"
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The act of adding value to a product or service before the product is offered...
Trait introduced into an organism/plant that gives that organism added value, like the addition of a valued trait or the capability to produce a new, valued substance, like a pharmaceutical or a biomaterial.
the market value of a firm's output minus the value of the inputs the firm has purchased from others to produce its final product; e.g., what the wholesaler adds to a product by virtue of buying it from a manufacturer and then reselling it to a retailer.
A phrase generally used by advisers and managers to describe investments in underperforming and/or undermanaged assets. The objective is to generate 13 percent to 18 percent returns.
A phrase used by advisers and managers to describe investments in under-performing and / or under-managed assets.
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A lot more expensive.
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The gain, usually corporate profit, sales, or market share, that an activity produces.