Definitions for "valuation"
The process of determining the value or worth of an asset or company. There...
The act of valuing, or of estimating value or worth; the act of setting a price; estimation; appraisement; as, a valuation of lands for the purpose of taxation.
Value set upon a thing; estimated value or worth; as, the goods sold for more than their valuation.
describes different levels of liability that a mover will assume when transporting your goods. Valuation, while a form of protection, is not the same as insurance.
Shippers (client's) declaration of the value declared for the possessions being shipped, thereby establishing the removal company's maximum liability for loss or damage to the consignment. If no value is declared, the liability is then based on the total market value of the items being moved. .
A tariff level of carrier liability based on the weight of your goods. Valuation covers your property by assessing value in three different ways: Assessed Value Coverage, Full Replacement Value Coverage and Standard Coverage. Valuation only covers your goods for damage or loss that you can prove negligence on the part of the carrier. Valuation does not cover any loss or damage due to Acts of God. Please note: Valuation is not insurance.
The process of determining the price of a vehicle.
An actuarial examination of a pension plan to determine whether contributions are being accumulated at a rate sufficient to provide the funds out of which the promised pensions can be paid when due. The valuation shows the actuarial liabilities of the plan and the applicable assets.
A determination of the value of an asset.
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a prophecy of what's to come," says Kenneth A
The attachment of monetary value to an object through a consideration of both internalized and externalized costs.
The attachment of monetary value to an object through a consideration of both internalised and externalised costs. - This is a method for determining the importance of environmental consequences of economic activity that are not taken into account in market.
a mapping assigning some value in to the variables in a formula
an assignment to each variable of an element in the domain of interpretation
The process of assigning value to a company or project.
Expert evaluation of items deposited at the Crédit Municipal.
a survey of land carried out to establish the level of rates or local tax each landholder or occupier should pay
This is a term for the value given to a private or public company; it is obtained most basically by multiplying the price per share (or most recent amount paid for shares) by the total number of shares outstanding. See Creating Your Pitch: Business Model and Financial Projections.
The price paid per share in a financing round for outstanding shares of the company.
The value placed on stock in a company's balance sheet. For tax purposes trading stock can be valued at the option of the taxpayer, at cost or at market selling value or at its replacement price.
Difficult (to impossible?) to do for companies with no revenue stream yet. "
A clause in a marine policy that fixes the insured value.
Calculation of the policy reserve in Life Insurance.
Valued policy
A summary of an investment portfolio showing the values and costs as at a given date.
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a question of fact that this Court reviews only for clear error
There are three forms of valuation used on business owners policies. • Actual Cash Value • Replacement Cost • Full Value Replacement Cost All of these are defined in this glossary.
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a waste of time
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Article about book value and market value accounting.
a written analysis of the considered value of its home
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See customs valuation.
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See [Mortgage Valuation