Definitions for "Valley"
The space inclosed between ranges of hills or mountains; the strip of land at the bottom of the depressions intersecting a country, including usually the bed of a stream, with frequently broad alluvial plains on one or both sides of the stream. Also used figuratively.
The place of meeting of two slopes of a roof, which have their plates running in different directions, and form on the plan a reëntrant angle.
The depression formed by the meeting of two slopes on a flat roof.
the portion of a simulated perforation on a self-adhesive stamp that curves inward next to each peak.
the nickname given to the 'hole' on a die-cut simulated perforation on a self-adhesive stamp. See Peak.
Expect hard work ahead if the valley was green and lush. Otherwise, to dream of a valley can also be a warning that you are under a great deal of emotional stress and may need to talk to someone.
To find yourself walking through green and pleasant valleys, foretells great improvements in business, and lovers will be happy and congenial. If the valley is barren, the reverse is predicted. If marshy, illness or vexations may follow.
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layout sacred place to both Khur and Thul? Hiding place of the Key? located on a plateau, surrounded by Badlands and protected by the Cliff from the rest of the world.
a good place to hear this
a very critical area and the design cannot be breached or it will leak
The area surrounding a friction ridge, which does not make contact with an incident surface under normal touch conditions. On the fingers, the unique patterns formed by the friction ridges and valleys make up the fingerprints.
The area surrounding a friction ridge, which does not make contact with an incident surface under normal touch; the area of the finger between two friction ridges.
A long area of low land between stretches of high land. There is normally a stream at the bottom.'v'-shaped
a course of a stream that has at least a limited extent of reasonably level ground bordered on the sides by higher ground
a stretched-out groove in the land, usually formed by streams or rivers
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Working boater's term for an embankment.
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a town or city where Scottish Rite bodies are found
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This is the fold in your cardstock that points down creating a 'V' like a valley.
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Veneer Vent
Meteorological Model to Calculate Concentrations on Elevated Terrain
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less prominent idea
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a lack of metal condition at the bottom of the threads