Definitions for "UUNet"
UNIX to UNIX Network; The first commercialInternet service provider, headquartered in Fairfax, VA. The company ( founded in 1987 by Rick Adams, one of the original developers of ARPAnet,the precursor to the Internet. In 1996, UUNET merged with MFS Communications,Inc., and later that year, WorldCom acquired both MFS and UUNET. In 1998,WorldCom acquired Advanced Network Services ( ANS) andCompuServe Network Services. UUNET is now a full-service provider.
(UUNET Technologies, Inc., Fairfax, VA, Founded in 1987, UUNET was the first commercial Internet service provider. Originally offering e-mail and news, it is now a full Internet service organization providing dial-up and leased line accounts as well as archive space for files and Web pages. UUNET stands for UNIX to UNIX Network. In 1996, UUNET was acquired by MFS Communications, which itself was acquired by WorldCom, Inc., in that same year.
A large network and gateway owned by UUNET Technologies (1-800-488-6384) that provides subscribers with full Internet access, unlike many other service providers.