Definitions for "UTC"
See Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).
1)Universal Time Code 2) Universal Time Coordinated An international, highly accurate and stable uniform atomic time system.
Uniunea Tineretului Comunist (Union of Communist Youth). Official organization that functions as the youth branch of the PCR ( q.v.). Membership open to young people between ages fifteen and twenty-six. Membership in 1984 estimated at 3.7 million. voivode A slavic term designating a military leader, adopted for a time by the rulers or princes of Walachia and Moldavia.
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United Telecom Council, sister organization of UPLC()
Utilities Telecommunications Council (USA) Watt
Under-the-counter; refers to the illegal sale of Rx medicines without a valid prescription; this practice is common in many emerging markets (also known as self-prescription).
Unicode Technical Committee The Unicode Technical Committee writes the technical specifications for Unicode.
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Urban Traffic Control
(Internet Directory Administrator's Guide; search in this book)
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Uniform Trust Code