Definitions for "USP"
United States Pharmacopeial Convention Establishes and disseminates officially recognized standards of quality and authoritative information for use in manufacturing and testing drugs, excipients, and raw materials. Web site.
US Pharmacopoeia
US Pharmaceutical grade
Unique selling position
Unique Selling Points
The reason(s) a consumer should use your products over a competitors.
US Pharmacopeia. The USP’s Dictionary of USAN and International Drug Names contains information on nonproprietary drugs, including US adopted names, official drug names for the USP and National Formulary, previously used official names, international and nonproprietary names, British Approved Names, Japanese Approved Names, and trade names.
a drug compounded according to the United States Pharmacopeia, a semi-official directory of drug standards and specifications that is issued every five years by a national committee of physicians, pharmacists and academicians.
U.S. Pharmacopeia
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U.S. Pharmacopedia.
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Unit Sailaway Price
Universal Self-loading Pistol.
Universal Service Plan A plan to make basic local telephone services available at an affordable price to all consumers.
University of the South Pacific.
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See usage sensitive pricing.