Definitions for "Username"
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Usernames at the University of Kent consist of a user's initials and a number and act as unique identifier.
Jabber User's account name on a Jabber Server, captured in the node identifier portion of a valid Jabber ID. A username can be different from a Nickname.
See Login.
The same thing as userid
Synonymous with userid. Veronica - a Gopher-based search engine.
See userid. They're generally the same
Username can be between 6 and 12 characters, example VendorGoods. All Usernames are stored in upper case. Case sensitivity does not apply to usernames. close window
A character string by which users are known (e.g., ldempster).
Character strings by which users identify themselves on a network.
a made-up nickname you create that identifies you to the other people participating in the discussion board
a "nickname" you select
a way of encouraging PeerReview , but is less permanent than signing an entry
A code that is assigned when a member of the University signs up for services provided by IT Services.
Your CSU online identification issued on enrolment
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(SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference; search in this book)
How the network associates the person with their resources.