Definitions for "USER PROFILE"
The information we collected from you while registering is what makes for your profile. It includes your E-mail address, password and your company details. The profile may be changed at any point of time, but do please remember that whenever you make any changes they need to be reviewed and approved by as it may affect your ability to trade internationally.
1. n. In computer security, a description of a user that includes such information as user ID, user name, password, access authority, and other attributes obtained at logon. 2. n. In Tivoli User Administration, a profile that is used to manage user accounts, including account information, home directories, startup files, and group membership.
a description of the buying habits and the demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics of individuals who use a particular product or brand; see consumer profile.
a collection of changeable options that affect the way your applications run
A set of changeable options that affect the way your instance of Oracle Financials run. For example you can change which printer it will print to, and how many copies will print, etc.
a character sketch of an individual who represents an audience group
a realistic (but fictional) example of a target audience member
A document which identifies the needs, goals, and values of a target user group.
A PeopleSoft system security feature which represents one PeopleSoft user and specifies a number of user attributes, including one or more assigned roles.
The description of a particular user's attributes and permissions that the system assigns to that user's logon ID to define their interaction with system resources.
A description of the eventual users of the solution in terms of geography, organizational and communication structures, user functions, resource availability, and other relevant information.
a collection of information about a single user
a collection of information regarding the interests, lifestyle, likes, dislikes and so on of a particular user
a collection of keys that contains all the information about one user
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a summary of a user
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a function from the domain of featurisations to V (i
the requirements work product produced during business (re)engineering that documents an individual type of user.